Monthly Archives: March 2017

GOP Tries to Secure Trumpcare Passage by Making the Bill More Cruel

Finding that his original AHCA was too destructive not only for all House Democrats but also for many House Republicans, and seeing his dream slipping away, Paul Ryan has labored to modify the bill to try to make it palatable to enough of his more “conservative” members to pass.  Per […]

The Values Being Put On Display in the Health Care Debate

I found this piece by Paul Waldman enlightening.  I’ve actually had some of these debates with friends from the other part of the political spectrum.  I’ll say, “Americans deserve health care,” and they’ll say, “But that’s not the government’s job.”  Etc.  We can talk about whether or not the argument is […]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Come March!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Downtown Naperville Saturday, March 11, 9am   Lineup position #50 Join the Aurora-Naperville Democrats as they “Get on their Irish”! Democrats and leprechauns have a lot in common.  Both support jobs, healthcare, public education, and the environment. All Democrats are welcome to join us as we […]