Be a Precinct Committeeperson in Your Neighborhood

Do you want to help the Democratic Party protect our democracy by electing more Democrats at all levels of government?

Then become a Precinct Committeeperson (PC) in Naperville Township.

What does a PC do?

The Precinct Committeeperson is the in-your-neighborhood connection between the Democratic party, the candidates, and the voters.  The PC is the key player in our Get Out the Vote operation that we are launching for the critical, must-win 2022 Election.

You can help us increase the number of Democratic voters who turn out for the June Primary and the November General Election with two simple tasks which we will train you to do.

1. Contact your Democratic neighbors about their voting plans, reaching out by phone, email, text, and at the door. We will give you a list of names with addresses and contact information.

2. Deliver to these Democratic voters a 2022 Election kit that has complete voting and candidate information.

Simply stated, increased turnout is how elections are won.  With a time commitment of just a few days, in advance of the election, you can help us win and protect our democracy from the anti-democracy Republicans.

Are you a Strong Democrat who can take on this important role and help us elect more Democrats?  Find out by contacting our Precinct Director, Amy Phillips.

Fill out the form here.