Naperville Township Democrats – Candidates 2018 (General Election)

Election Day
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This is a list of Democratic candidates running in the Naperville Township General Election in November.

Naperville Township Democrats invited candidates to share 3 bullet points that define their campaign.
Below are the bullet points from the candidates that responded.

Copy of Naperville Township Candidate List, 2018 Primary

OfficeName Website / EmailCandidate comments:      
U.S. Congress,

(Roskam - R)
Sean Casten
  • Biochemist and clean energy entrepreneur who spent his career fighting climate change.
  • Stand up for facts to stop Trump’s agenda to dismantle heathcare and social safety net.
  • Lives in Downers Grove with his wife, Kara, and two daughters.
U.S. Congress,

(Foster - D)
Bill Foster
  • Has represented Naperville and the surrounding areas in Congress since 2013.
  • Progressive champion, strong opponent of President Trump and Congressional Republicans.
  • Scientist and businessman fighting for jobs, funding to combat opioid abuse, and immigration reform.
Illinois Governor & Lt. Governor
(Rauner & Sanguinetti - R)
J.B. Pritzker & Julianna Stratton
Illinois Secretary of State
(White - D)
Jesse White(Ballotpedia)
  • Keeping teen drivers safe; creating reforms that reduced teen driving deaths by over fifty percent.
  • Combating drunk driving and establishing Illinois as a top traffic safety state in the nation.
  • Expanding on-line resources and streamlining driver facilities to improve customer service and reduce wait times.
Attorney General
(Madigan [ret.] - D)
Kwame Raoul
  • Combat gun violence and take on the special interests that have made things worse.
  • Crack down on violent sexual criminals, starting with rapists and child predators.
  • Protect our voting rights from attack, and make sure everyone can vote.
Illinois Treasurer
(Frerichs - D)
Mike Frerichs
Illinois Comptroller
(Mendoza - D)
Susana Mendoza
  • Comptroller Susana Mendoza has stood up to Governor Rauner’s fiscal mismanagement of the state.
  • Reduced the bill backlog by $7 billion while prioritizing social services, the elderly, and education.
  • Will be an independent fiscal watchdog for Illinois, advocating for transparency and protecting taxpayer dollars.
Illinois State Senator,
21st District
(Connelly - R)
Laura Ellman
  • A Naperville resident with 20+ years experience in engineering, statistics and industry leadership.
  • Dedicated to job growth, fiscal responsibility and a strong middle class.
  • Knows the value of strong schools and university systems for our future and our growth.
Illinois State Senator,
42nd District (Holmes - D)
Linda Holmes
Illinois State Representative,
41st District

(Wehrli - R)
Val Montgomery
  • Advocate fighting for Women’s Rights & the rights of Disabled Adults.
  • Be the voice of her constituents (Naperville/Warrenville) in all decision-making opportunities.
  • Finance background & knowledge that provides the tools for Illinois’ challenging budget crisis.
Illinois State Representative,
49th District

(Fortner [ret.] - R)
Karina Villa
Illinois State Representative,
84th District

(Kifowit - D)
Stephanie Kifowit
DuPage County Board Chairman
(Cronin - R)
Lynn LaPlante

  • Lower property taxes by cutting the wasteful spending of the unchecked Republican Board, without cutting social services to the least among us

  • Involve more women and Democrats in leadership positions throughout the County

  • Receive an ‘F’ rating from the NRA.

DuPage County Sheriff
(Zaruba [ret.] - R)
Gregory Whalen
DuPage County Clerk
(Hinds - R)
Jean Kaczmarek
DuPage County Treasurer
(Henry - R)
DuPage Forest Preserve President
(Cantore - R)
Daniel Hebreard
  • I believe in conservation, in public service, in improving the world around us now.
  • I will slash bloated commissioner pay & benefits and put the money into preserve improvements.
  • Let’s improve amenities, connect more trails & upgrade technologies to connect people to nature.
DuPage Regional Superintendent of Schools
(Ruscitti - R)
DuPage County Board Member -
District 5

(Khouri [ret.] & Anderson - R)
(vote for 2)
Sadia Covert
  • Fight for property tax relief.
  • Demand transparency and accountability.
  • Operate in a bipartisan and fiscally responsible manner.
Dawn DeSart
DuPage County Circuit Court Judge
(Fawell vacancy - R)
Jeffrey Jacobson
  • Supports women’s rights.
  • Supports minorities’ rights.
  • Assistant Treasurer for the DuPage County Bar Association. Largest organization of County wide attorneys.
DuPage County Cir. Court Judge
(Creswell vac. - R)
Linda Davenport
  • Experienced Associate Judge with over 11 years on the bench.
  • First woman president of the DuPage County Bar Association.
  • Will promote diversity in judicial appointments.