NTD Policy Platform

Naperville Township Democrats Who We Are.

At all levels of government, NAPERVILLE DEMOCRATS demand:

  • Affordable healthcare
  • A living wage and retirement security
  • High-quality public education
  • Social justice & equality
  • Respect for individual choice and constitutional rights
  • Actions to reduce gun violence, and
  • A clean and healthy environment

Change begins at the local level.

Our Democratic candidates will fight for:

  • A Governor and Legislature who work and succeed together for us all
  • Elected officials who work for individuals and families, not special interests
  • A progressive tax structure that is fair for all income levels
  • A County Board which is honest, diverse, communicative, and transparent
  • A School Board which puts quality education, not bias or politics, first
  • City Councils promoting equal/attainable access, housing, and opportunities
  • Parks and Preserves which economically conserve our natural resources