On the road district proposition, vote NO to keep our taxes low!

On April 4th, residents of Naperville Township will be asked to vote on a road district proposition.

Shall the Naperville Township Road District and the Lisle Township Road District of DuPage County, Illinois be consolidated into one consolidated township road district?

We recommend you vote “NO”.  In an article in the Daily Herald, on 2/16/2017, they state:

“Naperville Township Assessor Warren Dixon says it’s inevitable in consolidation for taxes to go up for one of the consolidating units and down for the other. It’s the law of averages, he says.

In this case, Naperville Township residents’ taxes stand to increase because they are taxed at a lower rate for road services than Lisle Township residents — 0.0286 for Naperville and 0.0707 for Lisle, according to the DuPage County Clerk’s 2015 tax rate booklet for taxes paid in 2016.”

So while it sounds like a good idea at first, in reality our taxes would probably go up while Lisle Townships’ go down.

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