About Tuesday Night’s Speech

Some folks may be swooning over DJT’s Tuesday performance, but theater aside, it was simply what Eugene Robinson describes as “a greatest-hits compilation of campaign promises he has no earthly way to keep.” And of course, there was plenty of the ugliness that has been on display for the last two […]

Today in TrumpLand: Voter Suppression, Environmental Degradation, Social Insecurity

I made this mistake of glancing at the paper (Washington Post) this morning and was greeted by the following discouraging set of articles: Justice Department changes its position in high-profile Texas voter-ID case “The Justice Department on Monday dropped its long-standing position that Texas intended to discriminate when it passed […]

Taking Credit for Obama’s Good Stewardship

It’s not impossible that Josh Marshall is right here, and that our man-child president’s ego allows him to believe he is justified in whining that he deserves credit for economic results he didn’t have anything to do with.  But whether or not he believes his own claim, it’s a virtual […]

Thanks, Comey!

As we endure the seemingly endless stream of assaults on democracy, facts and basic human decency that is the Trump Administration (almost 2% of it is behind us.  Stay strong, and keep fighting back!), it is well to remember that we wouldn’t be living in TrumpLand at all if it weren’t for […]

NTDO February Monthly Meeting – All Democrats Invited 1

Just complaining about President Trump can be pretty unsatisfying. Rather than drowning in hopelessness, take action to try to change things. Ask tough questions and demand answers of our politicians, because those in power wield enormous influence in our present and future. Join us at our monthly meeting, become politically […]

How Lies Attack Your Brain

Good piece here, from POLITICO, on how lies overwhelm your brain’s defenses.  I wish there were more on how to defend yourself, but knowing what to look out for is not nothing.  I’ve pulled a few choice excerpts, but you want to go ahead and click through to read the […]

Yes, He Is Filling His Own Pockets

This crass corruption promises to be a running theme of this administration.  But always remember, she had an email server and tried to help a Nobel Prize winner. From the WaPo, over the weekend: Documents confirm Trump still benefiting from his business By Rosalind S. Helderman and Drew Harwell February […]

Today in “Alternative Facts”

More alternative facts from the new administration.  Am I mistaken to see a pattern?  Looks to me like they always affirm the unhinged, insecure and yet self-congratulatory world inside the president’s head.  Trump Declares That ‘Any Negative Polls Are Fake News’  President Trump is now speculating that the media is covering up […]

Trump’s Muslim/Refugee Ban

Trump has always betrayed those to whom he owes debts, and in Trump’s America so will we all https://t.co/QTnpWVXUoS pic.twitter.com/MLzGX6mnZb — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) January 28, 2017 Friday’s cruel and counterproductive “Muslim ban” Executive Order punishes all the wrong people, brings additional suffering to people trying to save their families from terror, […]