The Comey Firing is Worse Than Watergate

This isn’t remotely like Watergate. During Watergate, honorable people in government resigned rather than be associated with improper acts. — David Frum (@davidfrum) May 13, 2017 As so often, James Fallows explains, clearly and patiently, reminding us what Watergate was and was about, and exploring how the current goings-on are […]

A Moral Disgrace: House GOP Passes TrumpCare 2

They claim they have the votes to pass it today. (UPDATE: So apparently they’ve actually done it.  Shameful and monstrous.) The heart of the bill is the same one that was polling at under 20 percent and failed two months ago: a near-trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy investors, financed […]

What’s in the GOP Health Care Bill? Who Cares?

JOHN DICKERSON: So tell me what in the bill you’ve been negotiating to get– PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: But let me– JOHN DICKERSON: –in that helps your supporters. I’m just trying to get the details of how your people– PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Let me just tell you. JOHN DICKERSON: –will be […]

Reminder: He’s Stuffing His Pockets

Josh Marshall shines a light on another example of how DJT is breaking all the norms and using the position with which we have entrusted him to enrich himself and his family (emphasis mine, more details at the link). This is really quite astounding. In this morning’s edition of Mike […]

April Meeting – a letter from our Chair

Hello Democrats! This THURSDAY 4/27 @ 7 PM is our April Monthly Meeting. Another election is behind us and it was FANTASTIC!  Come on out and congratulate our SIX newly elected Democratic Township candidates. These are the candidates YOU helped get elected. In the April 4th Municipal Election, we elected Democrats to 6 […]

Trump Defining US in Tribal/Racial Terms

In addition to the ceaseless and tiresome lies that issue from his mouth (e.g., he did not do “very well” in New Hampshire.  He lost.  That’s a trivial example, but it illustrates – again! – that he can barely open his mouth without a lie falling out), the other thing I […]

Congratulations to our candidates!

Naperville Twp Supervisor Total Number of Precincts 87 Precincts Reporting 87 100.00% Times Counted 8771/65641 13.40% Total Votes 8281 Rachel Ossyra R 4060 49.03% Eddie Bedford D 4221 50.97% Naperville Twp Clerk Total Number of Precincts 87 Precincts Reporting 87 100.00% Times Counted 8771/65641 13.40% Total Votes 8125 Barry Greenberg […]

On the road district proposition, vote NO to keep our taxes low!

On April 4th, residents of Naperville Township will be asked to vote on a road district proposition. Shall the Naperville Township Road District and the Lisle Township Road District of DuPage County, Illinois be consolidated into one consolidated township road district? We recommend you vote “NO”.  In an article in […]

Who should you vote for in the April 4th election? 11

Not sure who to vote for in the Consolidated election on April 4, 2017? Here’s a list of races throughout Naperville Township. Click the image below to find out which precinct you’re in. You can then download a sample ballot for your address and determine which races to vote in. For […]

GOP Tries to Secure Trumpcare Passage by Making the Bill More Cruel

Finding that his original AHCA was too destructive not only for all House Democrats but also for many House Republicans, and seeing his dream slipping away, Paul Ryan has labored to modify the bill to try to make it palatable to enough of his more “conservative” members to pass.  Per […]