Stand up for Human Rights

The following is from Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the AFL-CIO. She is the former president of the United Federation of Teachers. Please add your name.     Tuesday, June 19, 2018   Tomorrow I’m going to the United Nations and filing a human […]

Naperville Climate Action Petition

The Naperville chapter of iMATTER is asking for people to support their initiative to hold the city of Naperville accountable to do its part to end the climate change crisis. Please click here to sign their petition.

Is it “Bias” to Follow the Evidence to its Natural Conclusion?

Jonathan Chait gave us a terrific piece yesterday, entitled “The Backward Logic of the Nunes Memo.”  It’s not a long piece, and you should read it at this dangerous / ridiculous moment in our nation’s politics.  A few snippets will sum up the argument: Amid all the lies Donald Trump […]

GOP to Non-Wealthy Americans: Assume the Position

The tax bill they are crowing about… Raises taxes on middle-income filers in the end.  The modest cuts in the first year or so phase out and by the time we approach the end of the ten-year window, some of us in the middle are actually paying higher rates than we […]

Putin’s Revenge

Frontline gave us a gift these last two weeks with Putin’s Revenge.  We would be wise to understand what he’s up to, why he’s doing it, how successful he has been so far (HINT: very!) and where he might take his new powerful weapon from here.  One can be certain […]

Really? GOP Still Trying to Take Health Care from Millions?

It’s like waking up from a nightmare only to find that you’re still in a nightmare.  The GOP is still trying to break health care for some 20 32 million Americans.  Why don’t they stop?  Please stop!  Could the GOP’s Final Push to Kill Obamacare Actually Pass?  JUST OUT: Here’s a […]

Trump’s Travel Ban: The Point is the Ban, Not Safety

So Trump has his travel ban – a constrained version of it, to be further reviewed by the Supreme Court in the fall – but he has a version of it, kicking in as of last night. Which has got me wondering…  He proposed the first version of his ban […]

Main GOP Argument Against Obamacare Is a Lie 1

Sarah Kliff at Vox lays waste to the GOP talking point that they have to do something now because “Obamacare marketplaces are collapsing.”  They are not.  (BTW, the fact that they may have convinced many of their voters of this lie doesn’t make it true, and the GOP office-holders at […]