Like We Said, Taking Health Care Away

This is not the “terrific” health plan Trump voters thought they were voting for: — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) January 26, 2017 Also, here’s the “Cassidy-Collins” alternative from earlier in the week, which is arguably less horrible than the Rand Paul plan above, but isn’t mean-spirited or destructive enough to get much GOP […]

Imaginary Voter Fraud, Investigated

His ego is bruised because he lost the popular vote, so now we’re going to go all-in investigating imaginary fraud. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how the alternative facts they claim to “find” will prove useful in efforts to keep people who might oppose them from voting.   Bad: #Trump […]

January NTDO Monthly Meeting – All Democrats Welcome!

Come join us at our next NTDO Monthly Meeting. All Democrats welcome! Meeting Agenda Thursday, January 26th 7:00pm Naperville Municipal Center 400 S. Eagle Street Naperville, IL 60540 Meeting Room A I.   Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance / Introductions II.  Candidate Speeches III. New Business – a. […]

Alternative Facts and Democracy. Plus, Readings… 1

If we as citizens are going to reason together to solve shared problems, we have to at least start from a shared set of facts.  When people are actively trying to obscure or undermine simple facts, that makes it harder for citizens to arrive at a mutually agreeable path forward. […]

From Congressman Bill Foster on Inauguration Day

In my in-box just now, from Congressman Foster: Steve- First of all, let me thank you again. With your help, we had a great result for our campaign – a small consolation for the horrifying result at the top of the ticket, a reality that our country will be painfully […]

Effects of Obamacare Repeal

The CBO is out with estimates of what repeal of the ACA will mean in the real world.  Again, why hurry to take all this away without first figuring out what will replace it?  Why take it away at all?  But especially, why throw 18 or 27 or 32 million […]

What’s the Hurry to Destroy Obamacare? 1

It’s worth reading through this short piece from the LA Times’ Michael Hiltzik reviewing and shedding light on some of the many falsehoods the GOP is using to justify its enthusiasm for taking health care away from 20 million Americans by destroying Obamacare. What’s the rush? Here are the lies […]

Women’s March on Chicago – January 21, 2017

Can’t make it to Washington D.C.? Come join the Naperville Township Democrats at the Women’s Walk on Chicago. Be a part of an event that is taking place across America.  Make your voice heard and support each other in protecting and furthering women’s rights and civil liberties. Women are leading the […]

DJT’s “first attempt to ignore the law” – Why Does Nepotism Matter?

By appointing his son-in-law to a senior position in his administration, DJT will be clearly and intentionally violating anti-nepotism laws on the books for 50 years.  Will anyone try to stop him?  Mitch McConnell and his collection of GOP enablers in the Senate are so far demonstrating that they think rules are […]