Trump’s Travel Ban: The Point is the Ban, Not Safety

So Trump has his travel ban – a constrained version of it, to be further reviewed by the Supreme Court in the fall – but he has a version of it, kicking in as of last night. Which has got me wondering…  He proposed the first version of his ban […]

Main GOP Argument Against Obamacare Is a Lie 1

Sarah Kliff at Vox lays waste to the GOP talking point that they have to do something now because “Obamacare marketplaces are collapsing.”  They are not.  (BTW, the fact that they may have convinced many of their voters of this lie doesn’t make it true, and the GOP office-holders at […]

Pictures from the FUNdraiser, June 17

Our FUNdraiser was a success! The rain stayed away and about 100 people showed up. We heard from many dignitaries and candidates. We ate terrific food. We met and talked to members and new folks alike. We raised a lot of money for the organization. And we had FUN.Thanks to […]

GOP Beavering Away to Immiserate American Lives

While we are all absorbed in the dance of the seven veils being done over at the White House WRT Russia and DJT’s contempt for the norms that have held our democracy together for 220+ years, Republican legislators elsewhere in DC are wreaking their own havoc.  Today’s illustrations: health care and financial […]

Trump Playing Games, Undermining Americans’ Health Care

  …there is a powerful faction inside the White House, led by the president himself, that is rooting for the American health care system to collapse. The executive branch’s strategy is to persuade the public that the ACA’s meltdown is inevitable and thereby prod recalcitrant Republicans in the legislative branch […]

Trump and Paris: Spite as a Guiding Principle

“Conservative politics is now less about ideas than about making the right enemies cry out in anguish.” — Charlie Sykes (@SykesCharlie) May 12, 2017 Jonathan Chait comments on DJT’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement.  The interesting observation here – for me, at least – is the “why?” part. […]

CBO Score for the Latest GOP Health Plan: “Devastating”

Devastating. CBO: Under GOP bill, “less healthy people would face extremely high premiums…more difficult for them to buy insurance” — Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) May 24, 2017 The CBO released its “score” last night for the latest iteration of the House plan, the one they rushed to pass before the CBO […]

Tribalism and Democracy

Jason Chaffetz, the GOP Congressman in charge of the House Oversight Committee had years of investigations ready to go when we all thought Hillary was going to be President.  When the historically corrupt DJT got his surprise win, suddenly there was nothing worth worrying about, and it took a long time […]