Extending Health Care Coverage to More Americans

I just read a nice, brief history of Democrats’ decades-long, determined work to bring more and more Americans under the umbrella of health care protection.  Last week’s Census Bureau reports showed that the improvements continue.  Let’s extend that progress by electing a next president who is “committed to preserving and protecting the Affordable Care […]

Constitution-Loving Republicans Flout Constitution to Protect their Party Interests

President Obama spoke last week at the U of Chicago Law School (where he used to teach constitutional law) to, among other things, promote his Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. I enjoyed the quip in response to a question about how Judge Garland would increase the diversity of the court: “Well, he’s from […]

Tribalism and the Two Stories of America on Display This Election

I’ve been thinking about this marvelous and distressing Facebook posting from our friend Bob Fine the other day, in which he recounts a recent exchange at the local Jewel with a Donald Trump supporter.  She couldn’t comprehend why Bob wasn’t a supporter, too: “But you’re white, you’re white!  Nobody’s looking out for […]

Readings: Bernie and Hillary, Exploding GOP, Motivated Reasoning

My (19-year-old) kid never misses a chance to remind me how Bernie is his guy (and sometimes to throw shade at Hillary).  I get it, and I love Bernie’s passion, too.  But I’m torn. Jonathan Chait: [F]or the first time since 2008, the Democratic Party is choosing between leaders […] Obama […]