Today in TrumpLand: Voter Suppression, Environmental Degradation, Social Insecurity

I made this mistake of glancing at the paper (Washington Post) this morning and was greeted by the following discouraging set of articles: Justice Department changes its position in high-profile Texas voter-ID case “The Justice Department on Monday dropped its long-standing position that Texas intended to discriminate when it passed […]

Trump’s Muslim/Refugee Ban

Trump has always betrayed those to whom he owes debts, and in Trump’s America so will we all https://t.co/QTnpWVXUoS pic.twitter.com/MLzGX6mnZb — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) January 28, 2017 Friday’s cruel and counterproductive “Muslim ban” Executive Order punishes all the wrong people, brings additional suffering to people trying to save their families from terror, […]

TPM: ‘Daily Show’ Takes On Stereotype-Ridden O’Reilly Segment On Chinatown (VIDEO)

Sorry for the language, but sometimes a little outrage is well-placed. From our friends at TPM: After Fox News’ Jesse Watters was universally criticized for a tone-deaf “O’Reilly Factor” segment that played on pretty much every stereotype about Asian Americans, the “Watters’ World” host issued a lukewarm apology to anyone […]