Trump Corruption

The Comey Firing is Worse Than Watergate

This isn’t remotely like Watergate. During Watergate, honorable people in government resigned rather than be associated with improper acts. — David Frum (@davidfrum) May 13, 2017 As so often, James Fallows explains, clearly and patiently, reminding us what Watergate was and was about, and exploring how the current goings-on are […]

DJT’s “first attempt to ignore the law” – Why Does Nepotism Matter?

By appointing his son-in-law to a senior position in his administration, DJT will be clearly and intentionally violating anti-nepotism laws on the books for 50 years.  Will anyone try to stop him?  Mitch McConnell and his collection of GOP enablers in the Senate are so far demonstrating that they think rules are […]