GOP Tries to Secure Trumpcare Passage by Making the Bill More Cruel

Finding that his original AHCA was too destructive not only for all House Democrats but also for many House Republicans, and seeing his dream slipping away, Paul Ryan has labored to modify the bill to try to make it palatable to enough of his more “conservative” members to pass.  Per […]

Today in TrumpLand: Voter Suppression, Environmental Degradation, Social Insecurity

I made this mistake of glancing at the paper (Washington Post) this morning and was greeted by the following discouraging set of articles: Justice Department changes its position in high-profile Texas voter-ID case “The Justice Department on Monday dropped its long-standing position that Texas intended to discriminate when it passed […]

Thanks, Comey! 1

As we endure the seemingly endless stream of assaults on democracy, facts and basic human decency that is the Trump Administration (almost 2% of it is behind us.  Stay strong, and keep fighting back!), it is well to remember that we wouldn’t be living in TrumpLand at all if it weren’t for […]