US Politics Awash in Corrupt Money: GOP Likes it That Way

In another addition to the large accumulation of evidence about which party acts with the interests of the American people in mind, we have this from Senator Durbin, from earlier this month.  (And BTW, to the surprise of approximately no one, the Senate GOP filibustered the bill.):

Dick Durbin - U.S. Senator

Steve —

Since the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United, we have seen the rapid rise of super PACs and unprecedented influence buying by wealthy individuals seeking to advance their agendas.

It’s increasingly clear that the only way to really reform our system is to pass a constitutional amendment to allow us to regulate how we finance our elections.

That’s why I’m supporting Senate Joint Resolution 19: A constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.

My Democratic Senate colleagues and I are coming together to support this effort to restore our right to be heard in elections, but there’s a vote coming up as soon as today. Will you join us?

Help show grassroots support for the constitutional amendment that will restore our right to regulate election spending. Sign the petition at today.

The election returns from recent years are littered with examples of races around the country where anonymously funded right-wing attack groups have poured big money into elections to make their voices heard over the voices of everyday citizens.

But we don’t have to look across the country to see an example this year — a right-wing super PAC called Our America Fund just bought television ad time in Illinois. They’ll be running $200,000 worth of attacks against me and the Democratic ticket here.

We need this amendment. And with the combined forces of every big spender lining up to oppose it, we need to show our unity now, before the vote.

Sign on now at Join my colleagues and your fellow supporters by getting behind a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.

All Americans should be able to participate in our democracy — not just billionaires and wealthy corporations. If the Supreme Court can’t find that in our constitution, it’s up to us to write it in.

Thank you for showing your support,

Dick Durbin
U.S. Senator