Who should you vote for in the April 4th election? 12

Not sure who to vote for in the Consolidated election on April 4, 2017? Here’s a list of races throughout Naperville Township. Click the image below to find out which precinct you’re in. You can then download a sample ballot for your address and determine which races to vote in.
sample ballot

For early voting information, click the image below to download places and times in DuPage county.

Below is a list of races with information about each candidate. With it, you can make the correct choice in the voting booth on April 4.

(Click here to print this page. You can bring this into the voter booth with you.)

For non-partisan races, codes used below are based on voting records in primaries:

  • SD – Strong Democrat
  • LD – Leaning Democrat
  • I – Independent
  • LR – Leaning Republican
  • SR – Strong Republican
  • ND – No Data

Naperville Township:

  • Supervisor:
  • Clerk:
  • Assessor:
    • race not contested
  • Highway Commissioner:
  • Trustee (vote for FOUR):


Aurora Mayor:

  • Richard C. Irvin I – endorsed by past Naperville Councilman Dick Furstenau (R), past Aurora Ward 8 Alderman Chris Beykirch (R), Kane County Board Member Angie Clay Thomas (D), Aurora Twp Trustee Dolores Hicks (D)
  • Richard “Rick” GuzmanSD – endorsed by Senator Dick Durbin (D), past Mayor Tom Weisner (D), Naperville Twp Supervisor Rachel Ossyra (R), and Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen (R)


Aurora Alderman, Ward 10:


Aurora Alderman at Large:


Naperville City Council (vote for up to FOUR):

watch video of the Naperville City Council Candidate Forum held on March 22


Fox Valley Park District

  • Park Commissioner at Large: race not contested


Naperville Park District:

  • race not contested


DuPage Regional Board of School Trustees:

  • race not contested


School District 203

watch video of the District 203 School Board Candidate Forum on March 22


School District 204 (vote for FOUR):

watch video of the District 204 School Board Candidate Forum on March 7


College of DuPage District 502


Naperville Township Proposition:

  • Yes
  • Norecommended by fellow Dems


Click here to print this page. You can bring this into the voter booth with you.



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12 thoughts on “Who should you vote for in the April 4th election?

  • Bill Iaccino

    Thank you for this. Please put this information on a HIGH PRIORITY position on your Home Page. Also please include recommended JUDGES somewhere on your site (preferably with these candidates above)

  • Theresa Sullivan

    I was under the impression that Taso Triantafillos was LR or SR. In his Daily Herald bio, he says the current leader that most inspires him is Rudy Giuliani….It is almost impossible for me to believe a LD would choose him of all people! Naperville Progressives suggests a single vote for Dan Markwell. Could you say how you decided on Triantafillos’ affiliation? Thank you.

  • Cheryl Huber

    I seem to remember that Isaac is for School Choice. Maybe in a commercial?

    Also, Kristine Gericke is with us. She is smart and very capable.

  • D A Horner

    Thank you for compiling this information, and please continue to do this! We need this kind of information more than ever before in order to protect the progressive values and ideals of our local communities. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Cindy McCullagh

    Can you please ask Democratic candidates to respond to the League of Women Voters “Vote411.org” site? This is where I typically go for information on all candidates/issues on my specific ballot. Thanks.

    • Steve Bosco Post author

      Well, because the election was yesterday, it may be hard to get them to do that now. But we can certainly keep this in mind for the next election. Thanks.