2020 General Election

2020 Election Links

The DuPage County Election Division has a comprehensive online page that provides voter information on all aspects of the 2020 Election.

Website:  https://www.dupageco.org/election/

Phone:  630-407-5600

Vote by Mail Information 


***Only apply for a Vote by Mail Ballot if you do not intend to Vote in Person.

Vote by Mail Dates (VBM)

NowApply for a Vote by Mail Ballot

All registered voters in DuPage County have been sent an application for a VBM Ballot. Return the application by mail or apply online.

September 24Vote by Mail Ballots start to be mailed to those who have applied.

October 13 – The last date to apply for a VBM Ballot.

November 3 – Election Day. VBM Ballot must be postmarked by November 3rd.

Why Vote by Mail? 

Vote by Mail is a good option to keep both your health and your vote safe. VBM is available to all Illinois residents who are registered voters.

Both Democratic and Republican Election Judges are ALWAYS present during all phases of processing VBM ballots (postmark check, signature check, feeding the ballot through the tabulating machine, etc.)

Vote by Mail provides a paper trail that can always be verified/audited.

***Only fill out a Vote by Mail Application if you intend to vote with the VBM Ballot.  If you apply for VBM and later decide to Vote in Person, you must bring your VBM Ballot and Return Envelope with you.  Otherwise, you will be given a provisional ballot.  It’s best to avoid this situation.

For Further Information, visit the DuPage County Clerk Election Division:

Website:  https://www.dupageco.org/election/

Phone:  630-407-5600