Naperville Township Candidates 2018

Primary Election Day
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This is a list of Democratic candidate running in the Naperville Township Primary in March.

Early voting starts Monday, February 8, 2018; click here for voting times and locations.

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Naperville Township Democrats invited candidates to share 3 bullet points that define their campaign.
Below are the bullet points from the candidates that responded. NTD does not endorse any candidate over another.

Naperville Township Candidate List, 2018 Primary

OfficeNameWebsite / EmailCandidate comments:
U.S. Congress,

(Roskam - R)
Sean Casten
  • Biochemist and clean energy entrepreneur who spent his career fighting climate change.
  • Stand up for facts to stop Trump’s agenda to dismantle heathcare and social safety net.
  • Lives in Downers Grove with his wife, Kara, and two daughters.
Carole Cheney
Amanda Howland
Ryan Huffman
  • 31-year-old policy expert with White House and Capitol Hill experience.
  • Champion of progressive causes like single-payer healthcare and student loan reform.
  • Passionate advocate for campaign finance reform who isn’t taking special interest donations.
Kelly Mazeski
  • Scientist, breast cancer survivor and mother of a daughter with a pre-existing condition.
  • She will fight for a public option that lets people buy into Medicare.
  • Opposes Trump’s dangerous attacks on the environment and will lead the fight against climate change.
Becky Anderson Wilkins
  • Co-Owner of Anderson’s Bookshops, Naperville City Councilwoman, and founder of IndieBound Naperville.
  • A breast cancer survivor, Becky will fight for affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare for all.
  • Becky has committed to not take a single cent from any lobbyist in her campaign.
Jennifer Zordani
  • Affordable Healthcare including better access for our Veterans.
  • Well-Paying Jobs by improving transportation and technology Infrastructure.
  • A responsible federal budget that protects Social Security and Medicare.
U.S. Congress,

(Foster - D)
Bill Foster
  • Has represented Naperville and the surrounding areas in Congress since 2013.
  • Progressive champion, strong opponent of President Trump and Congressional Republicans.
  • Scientist and businessman fighting for jobs, funding to combat opioid abuse, and immigration reform.
Illinois Governor & Lt. Governor
(Rauner & Sanguinetti - R)
Daniel Biss & Litesa Wallace
  • Daniel is a middle-class father, state senator, and community organizer running against billionaire businessmen.
  • Daniel has taken on Illinois’ toughest issues, passing nearly ninety bills to support working families.
  • Daniel will fight for a progressive income tax, universal healthcare, and tuition-free higher education.
Bob Daiber & Johnathan Todd
  • An elected official with twenty years experience serving at the city, township, and county level.
  • An educator with thirty-eight years experience (28 years teaching/10 years, Regional Superintendent of Schools).
  • A former local union president who understands the needs of working families, married twenty-five years.
Chris Kennedy & Ra Joy
Tio Hardiman & Patricia Avery
Robert Marshall(Ballotpedia)
J.B. Pritzker & Julianna Stratton
Illinois Secretary of State
(White - D)
Jesse White
  • Keeping teen drivers safe; creating reforms that reduced teen driving deaths by over fifty percent.
  • Combating drunk driving and establishing Illinois as a top traffic safety state in the nation.
  • Expanding on-line resources and streamlining driver facilities to improve customer service and reduce wait times.
Attorney General
(Madigan [ret.] - D)
Scott Drury
  • Former federal prosecutor who will go after public corruption wherever it exists, regardless of party.
  • Scott successfully got assault weapons bans passed over the NRA’s strong objections.
  • Only state representative in three decades with the courage to not vote for Mike Madigan.
Sharon Fairley
Aaron Goldstein
  • Public Defender and Civil Rights attorney, defeated 40-year Chicago machine politician, Dick Mell.
  • A bold progressive agenda to accomplish real criminal justice reform and fight government corruption.
  • Aaron has represented real people and won’t take money from corporations, utilities, or bankers.
Renato Mariotti
  • Only candidate who is not a politician or insider appointee.
  • More than nine years experience as a federal prosecutor prosecuting white collar crime and corruption.
  • As a cancer survivor, will fight Trump and Republican efforts to restrict healthcare coverage.
Kwame Raoul
  • Combat gun violence and take on the special interests that have made things worse.
  • Crack down on violent sexual criminals, starting with rapists and child predators.
  • Protect our voting rights from attack, and make sure everyone can vote.
Jesse Ruiz
Nancy Rotering
  • Two term Mayor. Lawyer. Background in business, leadership and a proven record of achievement.
  • Successfully fought the NRA, founded a legal aid clinic, held corporations accountable.
  • Courage and experience to fight for the people of Illinois and stand up to Trump.
Pat Quinn
Illinois Treasurer
(Frerichs - D)
Mike Frerichs
Illinois Comptroller
(Mendoza - D)
Susana Mendoza
  • Comptroller Susana Mendoza has stood up to Governor Rauner’s fiscal mismanagement of the state.
  • Reduced the bill backlog by $7 billion while prioritizing social services, the elderly, and education.
  • Will be an independent fiscal watchdog for Illinois, advocating for transparency and protecting taxpayer dollars.
Illinois State Senator,
21st District
(Connelly - R)
Laura Ellman
  • A Naperville resident with 20+ years experience in engineering, statistics and industry leadership.
  • Dedicated to job growth, fiscal responsibility and a strong middle class.
  • Knows the value of strong schools and university systems for our future and our growth.
Tom Teune
Illinois State Senator,
42nd District (Holmes - D)
Linda Holmes
Illinois State Representative,
41st District

(Wehrli - R)
Val Montgomery
  • Advocate fighting for Women’s Rights & the rights of Disabled Adults.
  • Be the voice of her constituents (Naperville/Warrenville) in all decision-making opportunities.
  • Finance background & knowledge that provides the tools for Illinois’ challenging budget crisis.
Illinois State Representative,
49th District

(Fortner [ret.] - R)
Karina Villa
Illinois State Representative,
84th District

Kifowit - D)
Stephanie Kifowit
DuPage County Board Chairman
(Cronin - R)
Lynn LaPlante
DuPage County Sheriff
(Zaruba [ret.] - R)
Gregory Whalen
DuPage County Clerk
(Hinds - R)
Jean Kaczmarek
DuPage County Treasurer
(Henry - R)
DuPage Forest Preserve President
(Cantore - R)
Daniel Hebreard
  • I believe in conservation, in public service, in improving the world around us now.
  • I will slash bloated commissioner pay & benefits and put the money into preserve improvements.
  • Let’s improve amenities, connect more trails & upgrade technologies to connect people to nature.
DuPage Regional Superintendent of Schools
(Ruscitti - R)
DuPage County Board Member -
District 5

(Khouri [ret.] & Anderson - R)

(vote for 2)
Sadia Covert
  • Fight for property tax relief.
  • Demand transparency and accountability.
  • Operate in a bipartisan and fiscally responsible manner.
Dawn DeSart
DuPage County Circuit Court Judge
(Fawell vacancy - R)
Jeffrey Jacobson
  • Supports women’s rights.
  • Supports minorities’ rights.
  • Assistant Treasurer for the DuPage County Bar Association. Largest organization of County wide attorneys.
Raleigh Kalbfleisch
  • Experienced litigator, former Special Assistant State’s Attorney, Guardian ad litem and advocate children & families.
  • I am dedicated to equal justice for all citizens and equal access to the legal system.
  • I will have a fair, balanced application of the law with compassion and integrity.
David Stevens
  • Former prosecutor as well as a former Public Defender. Now owns a successful law firm.
  • Experienced in many different areas of law: criminal, civil, family and personal injury cases.
  • He is a trial lawyer with extensive trial experience on a multitude of legal issues.
DuPage County Cir. Court Judge
(Creswell vac. - R)
Linda Davenport
  • Experienced Associate Judge with over 11 years on the bench.
  • First woman president of the DuPage County Bar Association.
  • Will promote diversity in judicial appointments.
Democratic Party State Central Committeeman,

Greg Hosé
  • Endorsed by Sen. Dick Durbin for being a grassroots party builder for over 10 years.
  • Backed by the Illinois AFL-CIO as a committed friend to working men and women.
  • Supporting candidates up and down the ballot to turn our district blue and defeat Roskam.
Jesse Medina Jr.
  • Dedicated union steward, Bernie Sanders delegate, attended the DNCC and gathered most votes in district.
  • Lobbied in Washington DC for environmental and immigration rights.
  • Truly a grassroots activist who supports the people’s platform and will fight for everyday people
Patrick Watson
  • Patrick Watson organized effort for healthcare, immigration, gun violence, climate change, and workers’ rights.
  • Patrick organized canvasses to unseat Roskam that reached 9,000 voters and received nation press coverage.
  • Patrick will work with Democratic organizations to grow the party engaging youth and underrepresented communities.
Democratic Party State Central Committeewoman,

Nancy Shepherdson
Democratic Party State Central Committeeman,

Kevin "Duffy" Blackburn
Juan Thomas
  • President, National Bar Association, (largest association of African-American lawyers in the USA with 65,000 people)
  • First Democrat elected Aurora Township Clerk (2005-09); Youngest person elected West Aurora School Board (1995-2000)
  • Committed to supporting progressive, independent-minded candidates; not beholden to the “political machine.”
Democratic Party State Central Committeewoman,

(Kennedy Beckman)
Julia Kennedy Beckman
Maggie Wunderly
  • I am a progressive political organizer who also has experience with board and committee work.
  • I will work to make the Illinois Democratic Party more transparent and open up participation.
  • I will focus on grassroots politics, NOT machine politics and represent voters, NOT special interests.