Policy Platform

Naperville Township Democrats: Who We Are.

At all levels of government Naperville Democrats call for:

  • Protection of every eligible voter’s right to cast a ballot free from unreasonable delays and obstacles.
  • Restoration of principled, ethical leadership nationally and internationally.
  • Affordable, effective, guaranteed healthcare for all.
  • Expert-driven national leadership in the fight against Covid 19.
  • A robust economy that provides good safe jobs with a living wage and protection against unemployment.
  • Conservation and strengthening of Social Security and Medicare.
  • Leaders who promote and work for social justice and equality.
  • Science-based efforts to halt or slow climate change; protection of public lands; focus on clean air and water for all.
  • High-quality public education and affordable public college.
  • Strong support for our troops and veterans, not just lip service.
  • Respect for individual choice and all Constitutional rights.
  • Meaningful efforts to reduce gun violence.

Change begins at the local level

Our Democratic candidates will fight for:

  • A progressive tax structure that is fair to all incomes as well as property tax relief.
  • A smart, compassionate budget that prioritizes education, health, and employment security.
  • Ethical, diverse, communicative, and transparent County Board and County Officers.
  • School Boards that put quality education first, support teachers, and focus on science-driven approaches to safely operate during a pandemic.
  • The continued increase in representation of women and minorities in the operation and administration of the Court System.
  • Equal access to housing and opportunity.
  • Professional, trained Police Departments which proactively address racism and practice de-escalation techniques.
  • Parks and Preserves that economically conserve natural resources.