Straw Poll results

On June 22, 2019, The Naperville Democrats held our annual summer fundraiser. As part of the fundraiser, we conducted a straw poll where we asked everyone to vote (with their dollars) for their favorite Democratic Presidential candidate. All were encourage to “Vote Early and Vote Often”. There was some stuffing of the ballot box. Below are the results:

Michael BennetU.S. senator from Colorado0
Joe Bidenformer vice president of the United States1610.26%
Bill de Blasiomayor of New York City0
Cory BookerU.S. senator from New Jersey0
Steve Bullockgovernor of Montana10.64%
Pete Buttigiegmayor of South Bend, Indiana63.85%
Julián Castroformer U.S. secretary of HUD
and San Antonio mayor 
John Delaneyformer U.S. representative from Maryland0
Tulsi GabbardU.S. representative from Hawaii10.64%
Kirsten GillibrandU.S. senator from New York0
Mike Gravelformer U.S. senator from Alaska0
Kamala HarrisU.S. senator from California53.21%
John Hickenlooperformer governor of Colorado0
Jay Insleegovernor of Washington0
Amy KlobucharU.S. senator from Minnesota 0
Wayne Messammayor of Miramar, Florida10.64%
Seth MoultonU.S. representative from Massachusetts0
Beto O’Rourkeformer U.S. representative from Texas 0
Tim RyanU.S. representative from Ohio10.64%
Bernie SandersU.S. senator from Vermont5837.18%
Eric SwalwellU.S. representative from California0
Elizabeth WarrenU.S. senator from Massachusetts3421.79%
Marianne Williamsonan author and lecturer0
Andrew Yangan entrepreneur and author from New York3321.15%

Bernie Sanders was the winner with the most money collected (there were $20 bills included). However, if we instead counted the number of bills used to vote. Here are the top vote-getters:

Candidatevotes (bills)percent
Elizabeth Warren2635.62%
Andrew Yang1419.18%
Bernie Sanders1216.44%
Joe Biden68.22%
Pete Buttigieg68.22%
Kamala Harris56.85%

Elizabeth Warren received the most votes (number of bills).

We also voted for the whether President Trump should be impeached. Here are the results:

  • Impeach – YES        15 votes
  • Impeach – NO         1 vote

Not sure this has any indication of the outcome in the primaries, but it was fun (and thank you for the contributions to our organization).

Thank you for a successful event.