Get Involved with the Naperville Democrats

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Field Organization – Loretta Burke –
We are preparing for the 2020 Get Out the Vote operation for the fall election.  We are recruiting and training Precinct Committeepersons to fill the uncovered precinct positions in Naperville Township.

Data Management – Tim Skirvin –

List management; data input and organization; web development; managing this web site; and analyzing the information gathered from phone banks, walk lists, and voter activation networks.

Marketing / Membership – Constance Merritt –

Policy Platform – Marc Campbell –
Researching. writing, and making Democratic policy platform recommendations.

Fundraising – Matt Niemi –
Planning fundraising events, donor outreach, and developing new fundraising techniques and ideas.

Social Media – Rusty Perdew –
Running and providing content for our Facebook page and other social media.

Community Outreach
Responsibilities include interacting with and offering support to people and organizations in the community, including candidates, unions, business and social organizations, charities, and neighborhood voters.

If interested in becoming a Naperville Township Democratic Volunteer:

Contact us HERE.