Vote the Whole Ballot

As important as it is to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency next week, and to give her a Congress that will work with her to improve Americans’ lives – and those things ARE vitally important – there are other races on the ballot, too, and their outcomes are arguably more impactful on our day-to-day lives here in Illinois and DuPage County.  State and local office-holders influence and control events in our backyards, and it matters who fills those roles.

So you want to vote the entire ballot – both sides!  You can see a full (I hope!) list of the candidates those of us in Naperville Township will see on our ballots next week here.  And you should take a look at your Sample Ballot, provided by the DuPage County Election Commission here.

Today let’s talk about candidates for DuPage County offices.

First, for the County Board, in District 5, we have two candidates running for two separate positions: Tony Michelassi and Regina Brent, candidates for 2- and 4-year terms, respectively.

Photo Credit: Gary Gibula / Naperville Sun

Tony Michelassi

Tony Michelassi is running for a 2-year term and has been a voice of competence and compassion on the board since 2008.  Tony has worked hard to earn your support.  He has won the endorsement of The Daily Herald, which writes:

Michelassi of Aurora has developed a deep knowledge of county issues and the ability to work with the Republican majority while retaining his independence. … Michelassi is endorsed.

Regina Brent

Regina Brent

Regina Brent comes to us after her recent retirement from the office of Illinois Attorney General and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she applies with intensity and commitment.  Regina is seeking a 4-year term on the County Board.


Chris English

Chris English is running for County Clerk, wants to “offer a choice to the voters for a fresh perspective” and argues that “fees charged citizens to access the courts need to be evaluated so those with little or no means are not denied their right to justice.”

Michelle Gale

Michelle Gale

Michelle Gale, candidate for County Auditor, suggests that her independence, her passion for social justice and her background as a non-profit director are what the office demands at this juncture:

My personal and professional life have focused strongly on social justice. Running for auditor is my way of creating a more just world. In the non-profit sector, how money is spent determines whether a problem is solved or worsened. I decided to run for auditor because I know that as a non-profit manager, I can bring humanity to the office. I know that every dollar counts for mothers and fathers in DuPage, but our Online Checkbook has not been updated since 2014. This is incomprehensible. When dealing with other people’s money, we must be entirely transparent.


Moon Khan

Moon Khan, candidate for County Recorder, an indefatigable public servant, was the first Asian American elected Trustee in York Township, serving there from 2005 to 2012.  His “commitment to coalition building attracted the attention of the Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, which bestowed upon him its prestigious Americanism Award in 2005.”  Moon supports property tax reductions and proposes to reduce taxes by consolidating DuPage agencies.