Vote Yes, to the Naperville Township Referendum Question on April 2

“Shall the Road District of Naperville Township be abolished with all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities being assumed by Naperville Township?”

Here are 10 reasons to vote “YES” on the referendum on April 2: 

  1. To maintain complete control of the Naperville Township Road district and assets by the elected Naperville Township Elected Officials.
  2. To avoid a 50% tax increase to the Naperville Township Road district’s tax levy if the consolidation with Lisle Township takes effect in 2021.
  3. The Lisle township residents will receive a 22% decrease in the combined Road district tax levy according to current consolidation while the Naperville township Road taxes levy will increase.
  4. To assure that the five elected Naperville Township Officials will maintain the excellent Naperville township road services.
  5. The April 2nd referendum gives Naperville Township residents the opportunity to decide/choose the fate of the Naperville Township Road District.
  6. A vote YES to the referendum means the Naperville Township Roads District will be consolidated into the Naperville Township as a department and no longer a separate taxing body.
  7. All of the Naperville Township assets and tax dollars will remain in Naperville Township.
  8. Vote NO means Lisle Township elected official members on the combined board will decide the governance of the Naperville Township Road district with a four-member governing board.
  9. Currently Naperville Township Road district has no debt with millions of tax dollars in assets; what debts and obligations will be assumed from the Lisle Township Road district if the merger occurs in 2021?
  10. The current Naperville Township elected officials have reduced the 2019-2020 Naperville Town tax levy by $200,000. This is a strong possibility that the future Naperville Township Road district tax levy will continue to be reduced in future years.

Public Act 100-0106 (New Law) effective January 1, 2018 allows Naperville Township to place the question on the ballot in a general or municipal election.   The April 2017 municipal election passed a binding referendum to consolidate the Naperville Township Road District with the Lisle Township Road District. Public Act 100-0106 was passed after the 2017 Municipal election where the Lisle Naperville Road District consolidation passed. Passing this referendum allows Naperville Township Road District to step away from the 2017 consolidation referendum.

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