A Moral Disgrace: House GOP Passes TrumpCare

They claim they have the votes to pass it today. (UPDATE: So apparently they’ve actually done it.  Shameful and monstrous.)

The heart of the bill is the same one that was polling at under 20 percent and failed two months ago: a near-trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy investors, financed by cuts to insurance subsidies for the poor and middle class. – Jonathan Chait

So here’s an idea: How about passing a health-care bill with no Congressional Budget Office score, no public hearings, opposition from major health organizations and patient advocacy groups, and that will result in the loss of insurance for tens of millions of Americans? Sound good so far?


The bill is gruesomely unpopular. Voting for it is bad politics if it ultimately fails, and even worse if it ultimately passes and its effects hit home. Sound better yet?


And yet onward it grinds. Inexplicable. Except perfectly explicable.


No it’s not just that President Trump needs a “win.” A politician needs this win like a person with a headache needs a hole drilled in his head to let the headache out.


So why are the lemmings proceeding to amble off this cliff then? Because of the last feature of the GOP health-care bill that gets the least coverage, but what it is in fact all about. If this latest bill passes, it will share the one feature that all the GOP health-care bills share. I’ll pause for a three-count while you guess. That’s right! A huge tax cut for the rich! – Tom Toles