A Note from the NTDO Chairwoman!

PQ HeadshotFirst of all, our annual fundraiser at the Black Finn on Thursday, April 25th, could not have gone better!  Fabulous turn-out, wonderful accommodations from the Black Finn, and, of course, the Honorable Governor Pat Quinn as our Guest of Honor contributed to the success of the evening.  Greeting the governor on behalf of the City of Naperville was none other than our own Mayor Pradel and three members of the Naperville City Council:  Steve Chirico, Bob Fieseler, and Judy Brodhead.  We enjoyed live jazz provided by the dynamic duo, Max Bochmann and Art Schuter.  Many elected officials were present and recognized and many great networking opportunities were realized.  It takes months of planning and many hours on the phone and computer to bring together such a successful evening and I want to thank the entire Executive Board of the NTDO for their assistance with this effort!

New NTDO Vice Chair - Bill LavinSecondly, I would like to announce that we will have a new member of the NTDO Executive Committee, replacing Carole Cheney who resigned her position as Vice Chair in January of 2013 after she became the District Director for Congressman Bill Foster in January.  Replacing Carole will be Bill Lavin, currently serving as our Precinct Director.  Replacing Bill as Precinct Director will be Paul Mandrik, Precinct 52 Committeeman New NTDO Precinct Director - Paul Mandrikand recent candidate for Naperville Township Highway Commissioner.  Paul expressed an interest in continuing a more active involvement with the NTDO and through discussions among the Board members and Paul, it was determined that Paul’s interest in continuing to build the strongest grass roots precinct organization in all of DuPage County made him especially suited for Precinct Director.   Bill will continue to assist Paul in our ongoing efforts to recruit, train, and retain our precinct leaders, in addition to implementing new initiatives designed to engage our Democratic electorate in a more personal and powerful way.  They are both appointed to these positions until the next election for officers of the NTDO occurs in April of 2014.

Lastly, let’s all enjoy our spring/summer which seems to have finally arrived!  On May 30th, please plan to attend our monthly meeting where we will hear from leaders of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, receive an update regarding the status of the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois, and just possibly enjoy a visit from a very impressive national figure…still tentative, but possible.  So, mark the date: May 30th, 7:30 PM, lower level Naperville Municipal Center.  And, don’t forget to plan to march with us on Labor Day for the Last Fling parade: fun and more fun!!

Democratically yours,

Dianne McGuire