Bill Habel, Candidate for Naperville City Council

The NTDO has offered candidates in the April 9 Municipal Elections an opportunity to address our readership.  Here’s a message from Bill Habel, candidate for Naperville City Council:

Habel_Bill_3My name is Bill Habel and I am running for a seat on the Naperville City Council.

I have lived in Naperville for almost twenty years with my wife, Judy, and my two daughters, Stefanie and Lauren. Many of you have probably met me or members of my family at one of the many Naperville community events we attend. This is truly a great town.

I am a union electrician by trade and currently a Business Representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 701. After graduating from their apprenticeship program, I went on to become an apprentice instructor where I have been active for twenty-three years. Later, I attended the National Labor College where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Labor Studies and, later, enhanced my education with a Master’s of Science Degree from George Mason University School of Public Policy

I am also currently appointed to the Building Review Board in Naperville, where I use my thirty years of electrical experience to assist in making competent decisions when building variances are requested.  Being a leader in the industry and in my current job as a Representative, I have a working knowledge of how to best serve the community.

My vision for Naperville’s continued success is through economic development, job creation and city services. A vibrant community such as Naperville needs to continuously grow. I will work hard to actively search for new opportunities for our city. As of late, there has been a lot of talk about economic development and job creation from other city council candidates; they have been my core issues since the beginning of my campaign. When I address economic development and job creation, this is what I am talking about:

  • Identification of undeveloped and/or underdeveloped properties
  • Working with city staff, make sure the properties are not bound by outdated “planned unit development” land regulations or outdated zoning ordinances
  • Resulting economic development will bring new jobs to our town: temporary, like those in the construction industry, or permanent when new businesses become established
  • New businesses will be generated to serve those already in existence
  • Buildings get filled with tenants, vacant strip malls are occupied…it’s a WIN- WIN for all of us!

And last but not least our city services. Just as our sales tax revenue has rebounded to pre-recession levels, we need to revisit delivering city services to pre-recession levels as well. Resident surveys will provide us the answer as to what areas have slipped or are less than adequate. Working with staff to address these areas is the best place to start. City staff speaks to the residents every day and they are the best resource with which to begin work on improving how we deliver services and to communicate these changes and updates to the residents as they happen.

In order to facilitate this change, I need you. It is really up to all of us to vote and encourage others to do the same. So, as you go to the polls to Vote Early beginning on Monday, March 25th or on Election Day, Tuesday, April 9th, remember to support a person who believes in you. I am someone who cares and will always watch over the best interests of our community as my priority. This race will go right down to the wire: every vote counts!

My name is Bill Habel, candidate for Naperville City Council. Please vote on April 9th.

P.S. I am requesting that you put a yard sign up for me. Please send an email to or add a note on my Facebook page, BillforNaperville, with your address and I will make sure it gets delivered.

Thank you