Dan Walker, Former Illinois Governor, Passes Away

chi-former-illinois-governor-dan-walker-dead-p-002chi-walker29-obit-ct0028458335-20150429 chi-walker-29-obit-ct0028461774-19740616 You will have heard already about the passing, yesterday, of former Illinois Governor Dan Walker.  The Governor’s son, Dan Walker, Jr, is a long-time member and an elected Precinct Committeeman of the NTDO who has distinguished himself for years as an advocate for the Democratic Party.  We want to extend our deepest sympathies to Dan and his family on the occasion of this terrible loss.

chi-walker-29-obit-ct0028461812-20150429chi-walker29-obit-ct0021865566-19930730 You can read a lengthy biography of the distinguished Governor (and see a very nice collection of images, some of which I’ve used here) at the Chicago Tribune.  There’s additional coverage at many other sites.