Debate Prep

debate-hrc-djtJames Fallows of The Atlantic has been an invaluable resource during this uniquely bizarre and terrifying election season.  He was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter back in the day and I invariably find his insights worth considering.

Given his background, he often has worthwhile things to say about how a given speech works – or doesn’t – and it’s no surprise that he might have something useful to offer about the upcoming Presidential Debates.

He’s got a piece up at the Atlantic exploring what we might expect when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate tonight and over the next few weeks (Confession: I’ve not yet found time to read it, but hope to before tonight), and there’s also a video, “Trump vs. Clinton: When Polar Opposites Debate“:

Here again is the print piece:

When Donald Meets Hillary

UPDATE: I managed to cross up the links to his video and text offerings in my original posting.  Fixed now.  Sorry for the confusion.