Kuldeep Sra, Dheean Pukardian on NCTV

Here’s an update from Kuldeep Sra, long-time NTDO member, and speaker at our June community forum.  He points us to this wonderful short piece being broadcast on NCTV, and includes the following note.  Again, you can read more about his organization, Dheean Pukardian, at this link.

From: Kuldeep Sra
Sent: Friday, July 05, 2013 11:32 PM

Dear Friends and Donors,

Cries of born and unborn daughters of India are being heard around the world. Our female foeticide issue has evoked international interest. In the same context local TV ch 17 crew came to our residence and taped some of my views on this subject. I would like to share this media story with all of you to seek your input. Please let me know where I do need improvement.

Thanks for your donations and donations in the pipeline. Following is the link to that short TV program which will run rest of the whole week on CH 17, NCTV.

Kuldeep S Sra