Documents Withheld from COD Board Members

ct-college-of-dupage-board-meeting-08-jpg-20150326I wanted to share this mailing from Kim Savage, former CoD Trustee, who sent this around last week:

Daily Herald Confirms that Board Members are Entitled to Documents

Controversy continues to swirl around the COD Board of Trustees. Despite requests for documents, board members Dianne McGuire and Erin Birt submitted FOIA requests to obtain basic information that they should have received as elected board members. Their requests were determined to be voluminous and were informed that they would have to pay for the documents. They had not even received financial statements for 3 months at the time of the request.

Despite the election rhetoric calling for transparency, the college appears to be shrouded in more secrecy than ever. Things will not change unless citizens speak up in the press and at board meetings to hold the board accountable.

Here is what the Daily Herald had to say about the situation today. Please go make comments on the editorial. Also, please feel free to email your feelings to the entire board,

Here’s the Daily Herald editorial to which Kim is referring, and here are some links to other Daily Herald stories around CoD:

I note at least two instances in the linked articles where Ms Hamilton told her Board colleagues one thing and then went out in public and told a very different story (E.g., praising Ms Birt’s “phenomenal work” in negotiating the Breuder buyout down, and then using/engineering public frustration with the deal to gain herself the Board Chair).  And of course the mailing at the top is about her claiming in public to value “transparency,”  but then withholding basic information from her colleagues.

It seems to me that saying one thing to your colleagues and the opposite in public might not be the best way to build trust and a good working relationship, to get good things done for the school and the community.  But, sadly, it can be effective politics.

Perhaps not coincidentally, I notice someone has been polishing up a very complimentary Wikipedia page about Ms. Hamilton, replete with references to such balanced, non-ideological sources as the Forbes magazine and the Washington Times.  According to this she’s quite the hero.  I wonder if she’ll run for higher office.