Early Voting Starts Today (Monday, 10/22)

…from the Foster campaign, earlier today:


I just got back from the Naperville Municipal Center where Bill and his wife cast their ballots alongside many enthusiastic supporters.

With just 15 days until Election Day – and with turnout expected to be high – we need your vote now more than ever. Early voting locations are open starting today.


This year, the stakes are clear. Congresswoman Biggert voted for every one of the Bush policies that drove us into debt and wrecked our economy, then voted to obstruct efforts by President Obama to clean up the mess she created. In the last two years, Biggert and her allies voted to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit and raise taxes on the middle class – all so they can cut taxes for millionaires and on corporations that ship middle class jobs overseas.

You are one of our biggest supporters. Voting early, and bringing your friends to vote early with you, is one thing you can do NOW that really helps us.

We are counting on your vote – please commit to vote early before Election Day.

Thank you,


Patrick Brown
Campaign Manager
Bill Foster for Congress (IL-11)

P.S. We can’t do it without you. Commit to vote early.