Foster Scores Big Win in Final Debate

Got this from the Foster campaign yesterday:

Dear Steve,

Last night, Bill was on stage for the final debate with Congresswoman Biggert. $10,000 Goal

With just 12 days to go – and the polling tied – Bill delivered a big win.  

Time and again, Congresswoman Biggert was unable to explain her rationale for policies that would hurt the middle class.  When asked about her plan to “voucherize” Medicare she didn’t want to “get down into the nitty gritty.”  Viewer questions on her vote against the Dream Act and Obamacare reduced her to incoherent ramblings and half-remembered talking points.

But we all know that very few undecided voters will actually watch the debate.  Earlier this week, we asked you to step up and help us keep our TV ad on the air.  We are closing in on our grassroots goal and only need to raise another $10,000 by Friday for our final TV buy of the campaign.

Can you chip in $35, $50, $150 or whatever you can afford to help us reach our goal?

Last week Congresswoman Biggert ducked out of a debate sponsored by AARP, because she is unable or unwilling to defend her votes to end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit and privatize Social Security.  Along with her allies, she is now retreating behind a barrage of false personal TV attack ads.  We have been only partially successful at convincing TV stations to take these lies off of the air.  So we need to fight back ­– and we need your help to keep our ad on the air.





Patrick Brown

Campaign Manager

Bill Foster for Congress (IL-11)

P.S. With just 24 hours until our media buy deadline we are closing in on our grassroots goal. Can you chip in $35, $50, $150 or whatever you can afford right now?