From Bill Foster: Guess Who’s Back

From Bill Foster’s campaign the other day:

Dear Steve,

For years, Congresswoman Judy Biggert has been a reliable party line voter for all of the Republican policies that drove us into debt and wrecked our economy – while benefitting wealthy special interests.

Later today, Speaker Boehner will be in town to haul in even more corporate lobbyist checks for Congresswoman Biggert’s campaign.

Boehner knows that Judy Biggert cannot run a campaign with donations from ordinary people.

For five straight quarters, we have out-raised Congresswoman Biggert’s campaign with the help of ordinary individual people like you. Now, we need to raise another $15,000 by the end of this week to show Speaker Boehner he can’t match our incredible grassroots support.

Can you chip in $35, $50, $150 or whatever you can afford to help us reach our goal?

For every one of her 13 years in Congress, Biggert has been collecting the majority of her campaign money from PACs and Lobbyists. And Boehner and Biggert know that this campaign cash will only keep flowing as long as she remains a reliable party-line vote for Washington special interests and against the middle class.

John Boehner wants to make sure he keeps one of his closest allies and most reliable votes for the Republican agenda in office. But there’s good news, too: the Speaker wouldn’t be here if he didn’t know Congresswoman Biggert is in trouble.

Our grassroots network has always risen to the challenge before. Please help us out now by sending a message to the Speaker of the House. Help us keep up the momentum and show John Boehner we won’t back down.

Thank you,

Bill Foster

P.S. John Boehner is here to try and save Congresswoman Biggert’s struggling campaign. Will you help us keep our momentum going by donating $35, $50, $150 or whatever you can afford before the end of the week?