From Bill Foster: House Science Committee goes after Hillary’s email – Part II

…from my in-box the other day, from Congressman Foster.  We need to keep Bill in there defending science and reason against “Republican nonsense.”


As the only Ph.D. scientist in Congress and a member of the House Science Committee, I spend a certain amount of my time dealing with Republican nonsense. They question climate change and evolution, ridicule research that they either do not understand or might not like the results of, and they bring the abortion debate into every subject imaginable.

Last Friday, Lamar Smith, the Republican Chairman of the House Science Committee, hit a new low.  As reported in Breitbart and other right wing news sites, he now plans to initiate contempt proceedings and force a floor vote when Congress reconvenes after the election, as part of his campaign to inject the Science Committee into investigations of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

The abuse of unilateral subpoena power – the ability of Committee Chairs to issue subpoenas without consulting with or informing any other members of the Committee – is one of the worst procedural changes instituted by the Republican majority in Congress. In the Science Committee, Chairman Smith has used this power to threaten researchers, States’ Attorneys General, and ordinary citizens during his politically motivated witch hunts.

As reported last January, Chairman Smith has been chomping at the bit to start abusing his unilateral subpoena power. He apparently believes that Science Committee oversight of cybersecurity issues justifies this political posturing, so that he can go in front of news cameras and wave around copies of Secretary Clinton’s emails.

As a scientist, a Democrat, and someone who cares about the integrity of Congressional oversight, I’m proud to continue to fight against these abuses, and to make sure the Science Committee gets back to science.

But I need your help to continue that battle. Washington Republicans have targeted me from the start of this campaign by putting my wealthy, self-funding opponent onto their “Young Guns” program. Apparently even one scientist in Congress is one too many for the Republicans. 

Please make a contribution today to make sure that the only Ph.D. scientist is able to return to Congress.

Thank you for all that you do. This job can be challenging, but with your help, I can continue the battle.

We’ll keep you updated.