GOP Beavering Away to Immiserate American Lives

(Photo Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

While we are all absorbed in the dance of the seven veils being done over at the White House WRT Russia and DJT’s contempt for the norms that have held our democracy together for 220+ years, Republican legislators elsewhere in DC are wreaking their own havoc.  Today’s illustrations: health care and financial reform.

Health Care: The Senate looks poised to pass a giant tax cut for the wealthy, in the form of a repeal of Obamacare every bit as awful as the moral disaster that came out of the House a few weeks ago.  And because they know their work would not fare well in the light of day, they are doing it as quickly and as secretly as they possibly can (“We aren’t stupid,” answered one Senate aide when asked why they are keeping the details of the bill secret).  McConnell hopes to vote on it before the July 4 recess.  They are – and should be – ashamed of what they are doing.

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Financial Reform: Meanwhile, the House is plunging forward towards Paul Ryan’s Randian paradise, voting last week to set the stage for another 2008-style financial meltdown by effectively repealing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Among a slew of other ill-advised reversals, …

…the measure would gut the powerful consumer bureau.

The agency — the centerpiece of Dodd-Frank — has provided consumers about $12 billion in refunds, mortgage principal reductions and other relief since opening in 2011. It played a key role in penalizing Wells Fargo & Co. for its creation of about 2.1 million unauthorized accounts.

The Financial Choice Act would strip the agency of its ability to closely monitor financial firms for compliance with consumer protection laws and specifically prohibits the bureau from writing any regulations on payday and car-title loans.

We may be condemned to repeat the past.  But so quickly?