In Response to Real Pain for Real Illinoisans, Rauner Offers Cliches

I was struck by this piece from Capitol Fax this morning.  The Governor’s  response to observations about the damage he’s offering is to give us more cliches.

These cuts he is pushing are not just abstractions.  They’re going to hurt real people.  It’s not clear that he understands that, or cares.

Putting human faces on line items

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

State Senator James Clayborne (D-Belleville) (Photo Credit: Derik Holtmann – News-Democrat)

* Metro East Democratic legislators held a media event yesterday and spotlighted some folks who would be hurt by budget cuts

Two years ago, Tara Miller’s now 4-year-old daughter Destiny was diagnosed with autism. Destiny had no functional speech, wasn’t able to say if she was hungry, if she was tired, or if she was hurt, and would avoid social interactions.

062215DH Miller talks

Tara Miller talks about her 4-year-old daughter, Destiny (Photo Credit: Derik Holtmann – News-Democrat)

“I felt so alone, and even though she couldn’t tell me herself, I know my daughter felt more alone than me,” Miller, the East Alton resident, said through tears.

Miller and her daughter received services and resources as an autism center in Maryville, such as pictures to help Destiny communicate with others.

“She’s able to ask me for help, … and able to ask me for things she needs and wants,” Miller said. “She can speak to anybody who has a set of eyes and can look at a picture.”

For Miller, if the help she and Destiny receive through the Autism Program of Illinois is cut would be detrimental.

“If the funds for TAP are cut, or if there is a long budget stalemate, the results of it is your taking my child’s voice away,” Miller said. “She finally is able to speak, the regression will be unmeasurable, and I as a mother will be watching her disappear back into herself.”

* The governor’s response

“(Speaker) Mike Madigan along with his allies Reps. Beiser, Hoffman and Jackson, and Sens. Haine and Clayborne, are more interested in protecting the political class rather than fighting for the middle class,” Kelly said. “They have passed another phony budget that is $4 billion out of balance while refusing to enact any of Gov. Rauner’s structural changes like lawsuit reform, freezing property taxes and term limits which could help turn our state around.”

– Posted by Rich Miller

…more from Capitol Fax and others on Rauner’s behavior.  Does he not understand that the campaign is over and it’s time to maybe stop campaigning and start governing?  Does he just have too much money and not know what else to do with it?  Is he determined to buy all of state government the way he bought the Governor’s office?  Are we going to let him do it?