Is Bruce Rauner “Doing Heroic Things”?

A posting on Capitol Fax today captures just some of the many, many harmful things coming out of the Governor’s crusade to end unions (and with them, any hope for a middle class in Illinois).

Lousy idea, but a decent video

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016

* Gubernatorial recall is a stupid, spitting-into-the-wind, utter waste of time idea. It’s practically impossible to accomplish with the constitutional amendment voters approved. I’ve even banned the word in comments (and it’s still banned, so don’t try to “debate” it today, either) because it’s usually only mentioned by ignorant, hyperpartisan, hyperbolic goofballs (and that goes for Quinn’s administration, too).

But the video isn’t bad for what appears to be an amateur production


– Posted by Rich Miller

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