It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Our host, Ramin Mihaili

Our host, Ramin Mikaili

With almost 60 in attendance, the NTDO Holiday Party was a swinging success! Hosted at the beautiful home of NTDO friends and supporters, Ramin Mikaili and Marina Reznitskaya, everyone enjoyed an immense spread of delicious appetizers and holiday treats! Once again calling upon NTDO Secretary, Steve Purduski, and his tech genius, we were able to Skype a visit with Congressman Bill Foster. Vice Chair, Ed Agustin, was the first to pose a question: “When will Donald Trump drop out?” To which Foster speculated quite humorously that Trump was really a Democrat out to do irreparable harm to the Republican party and would eventually run as a third party candidate! Something to think about…State Rep Stephanie Kifowit and State Senator Linda Holmes both spoke for a few minutes regarding the absolute dysfunction in Springfield, compliments of our new governor, Bruce Rauner!

Receiving special awards this year were Duncan Hughes, Precinct 10 Committeeman, who received the Lifetime Contributor Award and Ron Allen, Precinct 37 Committeeman, who became our fourth PC of the Year! Each received a framed certificate and a copy of the Resolution which was read by Chair Dianne McGuire, highlighting their many achievements. The awards have become a wonderful holiday tradition for the NTDO and reflect upon the activities and achievements over the course of the preceding year or years, as the case may be.

In addition to Congressman Foster, Senator Holmes and Representative Kifowit, we were also honored to have several current , hopeful, or former elected officials in attendance:

  • DuPage County Board member, Tony Michelassi
  • DuPage County Board candidate and NTDO Precinct 44 Committeewoman, Regina Brent
  • District 204 School Board Member, Dr. Benny White
  • Former Illinois Legislative Inspector General, Illinois Appellate Court Judge and six term State Representative for the 91st District, Tom Homer
  • Former DuPage County Board Forest Preserve Commissioner, Dr. Shannon Burns
  • Former District 204 School Board Member, Dawn DeSart
  • Former District 203 School Board Member, David Vaught

Following Carole Kerr’s suggestion (Precinct 13 Committeewoman and PC of the Year in 2014), guests brought many donations of heavy cotton socks and underwear for the homeless, to be delivered to the PADS shelter which operates out of the First Congregational Church here in Naperville. $45 was also collected and will be spent on purchasing the above items to add to our donation.

(Some of) the evening's guests

(Some of) the evening’s guests

It was a lovely evening, made even more so by having so many guests in attendance, the mild weather, and the gracious hospitality of Ramin and Marina! Thank you to everyone who came and especially to the Congressman who made time for us during possible “government shut down” talks in DC!

The officers of the NTDO—Deanne Sereno (Treasurer), Paul Mandrik (Precinct Director), Steve Purduski (Secretary), Ed Agustin (Vice Chair), Rose Johnson (Precinct Support) and I wish each of you a happy holiday season and we look forward to seeing many of you become involved in the 2016 races! It’s going to be a very interesting year, that’s for sure!

(As always, many thanks to Dianne for the beautiful writeup and photos.  Steve)