Listen to Susana Mendoza’s “At Issue” Radio Interview from WBBM

[Leslie Munger] should be denouncing him (Donald Trump) in the loudest possible terms, and it’s not okay to say, “I’ve been too focused on the state’s problems.”  I would say she’s been too focused on helping Governor Rauner multiply the state’s problems, because over the last two years, by every single measurable account, the state of Illinois is worse off than it was two years ago. … that’s Crain’s Business Magazine, which tends to go Republican.

So they were elected to make things better. … They did not create the mess that they walked into, but they’ve made it exponentially worse instead of fixing it.  And at the end of the day, after November 8th, my full focus is to figure out how I can contribute to being a solution and fixing the state’s problems.

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