Naperville City Council Tables Rauner Turnaround Plan Indefinitely

I wasn’t able to be there, but I looked up last night’s Naperville City Council meeting in the papers and found a nice writeup about Mayor Pradel’s last hurrah.  Well done, Mr Mayor!  Thank you for your enthusiastic service.


Photo courtesy of Todd Mertz

But other stuff I’m reading suggests that the real drama last night was around the council’s consideration of Governor Rauner’s so-called “Turnaround Agenda” – or rather the council’s reaction to a powerful outcry against that agenda.  They’ve put off consideration of even an abbreviated version of the original plan … indefinitely.  And that’s good news for regular Illinoisans.

[Update, 5/11/15: I see that I never posted a link to the text of the Governor’s proposal.  You can read it here (if you can stomach it.  Quotations from the Wall Street Journal and George Will.  He really has a major hate on for unions.  Yeesh!)  Steve]

Read excellent coverage from a few sources I’ve found:


Photo courtesy of Todd Mertz

Further, my teacher friend Todd Mertz (Neuqua Valley High School) emailed his list with this reaction (and some nice photos, some of which you can see here.  Thanks, Todd!):

Victory Tonight–Naperville City Council Tabled Union Busting Vote Indefinitely

Friends and Colleagues

Yes, a “tabled vote indefinitely” is a victory because the Naperville City Council was planning to vote in support of Rauner’s union busting plan tonight.

But instead, union members including teachers, plumbers, pipefitters, carpenters, painters, machinists, etc. packed the Naperville Municipal Building.

There were an astonishing 28 speakers who were simply amazing. Brilliant speeches, heartfelt facts, and stories with deep historical union roots right here in Naperville.

Three hours and nearly thirty speakers later, Council admitted they tabled the vote due to heavy union turnout and impressive facts.

Interestingly, Council also said they received personal phone calls from Rauner yesterday urging them to vote for his union-busting agenda.

But that didn’t happen tonight.

I was impressed. I was proud.

That is what Democracy looks like.

My former soccer coach and social studies teacher Bob Graham from Downers Grove North High School spoke so eloquently.

My colleague from Neuqua Valley High School Jared Mason was a rock star with his choice of words in front of the large crowd.

My colleague at Metea Valley High School Jeff Schmela had an excellent message that captivated the audience.

Naperville School District 203 Union President Mark Bailey spoke passionately about schools and protecting education.

My friend Dave Madsen, a middle school teacher in Naperville, spoke intensely and emotionally about Rauner’s real agenda–eradicating unions.

My friend Jane Artabasy, a retired Naperville teacher and long-time pension advocate spoke intensely and emotionally about stopping this vote.

Tonight I was proud to live and teach in Naperville.

No articles yet and City Council meeting video not yet available, but forthcoming.