Obamacare Works if Leaders Try to Make it Work. But What About if They Try to Destroy It?

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

Make no mistake.  Obamacare has made health care available to 20-plus million folks and works long term if those in charge try to make it work.  The exchanges are NOT collapsing.  Here’s the latest example, this one from Washington State.

But nationally we are witnessing a tug-of-war between responsible, compassionate grown-ups on the one hand and Trump’s GOP on the other.  Trump and his congressional enablers (or is he the enabler here?  There’s lots of evidence for the notion that he cares not at all what’s in the bill as long as his name is on it) are doing their very best to make Obamacare fail.  They intend to kill it, and it will not be a victimless crime.

We may be about to find out how much damage malice married to power can do.