Obstructionism Triumphed, but Obama, Dems Still Fighting for Regular People

…from the DCCC:

After Tuesday’s tough election, there’s a lot of talk about what happened, why, and what it means for Barack Obama’s final two years in office.

And to be honest, we’re asking ourselves the same questions.

So we decided to break it down.

  1. Why Republicans won.

In other words, the Republicans broke Washington. Then, they spent millions of dollars of secret money running against a broken Washington.

  1. What this means for the final two years of Barack Obama’s Presidency.



There’s no sugarcoating it. Full Republican control of Congress won’t be easy.

But make no mistake: President Obama’s fighting the good fight no matter who controls Congress.

He’s fighting for working families who are in desperate need of a minimum wage increase. For women who should always have the right to make their own healthcare decisions. And for students who would benefit from an affordable education.

So if you’re still fighting with us… if you’re still standing with the President… sign our note to President Obama thanking him for all he’s done and letting him know that we have his back.