One Final Reminder

My dear Democratic friends,

We are now at that crucial point in an election campaign: The Day Before! In order to prevent the dreaded Day After Remorse, please remember to vote! Our seven Democratic candidates for the various township offices have all done their part: now it’s your turn! Please vote tomorrow and remind others to do so, too!

This election is all about turn-out! We have walked, phoned, mailed, robo-called, filled out questionnaires, appeared before various groups, attended networking events, created candidate literature, studied the many issues of importance in the township, attended township meetings, sacrificed our sleep and, in some cases, stressed out our relationships at home…but, to make history, we were willing to do it all!

In 2009, the NTDO came closer than any other DuPage township (of which there are 9) to winning! We were about 500 votes shy of the mark…so, we know that with this improved effort this year, we can most certainly claim victory on Tuesday evening! But, once again, it all comes down to you: will you make the effort to vote? It may even be a rainy day…will that keep you away? I so dearly hope that you will see the leadership prize that is most certainly within our reach. We cannot do this alone, however: it will take each of you to help make this happen. Please vote tomorrow and take your family members and friends with you…

Steve Purduski – Township Supervisor
Rose Johnson – Township Clerk
Paul Mandrik – Township Highway Commissioner
Ron Allen – Township Trustee
Max Bochmann – Township Trustee
Richea Dougherty – Township Trustee
Robert (Bob) Fine – Township Trustee

If anyone has difficulty in getting to the polls tomorrow, call me and we will arrange a ride: 630-420-8502.

Although running in non-partisan races, I would also like to encourage you to cast a single vote for Ed Agustin for the College of DuPage.

For the Naperville City Council, you have 4 votes and there are 3 Democrats running: Bill Habel, John Krummen, and Judy Brodhead.

For School District 203, please consider the following Democrats: Charles Cush, Heather Rajamoney, Donna Wandke, and Neil Samuels.

For District 204 School Board, Cathy Piehl, Maria Curry and Benjamin White.

For Aurora Alderman Ward 9, Edward Bugg.

With hopeful anticipation,

Dianne McGuire, Chair