Pollwatching Materials

pollwatchingJay’s Pollwatching Slides: At last night’s last meeting before the election, Jay Mitchell gave us a terrific presentation on how pollwatching works, what you should expect to see over the course of the day, etc.  He shared his PowerPoint stack with me so that I can make it available to you; see it at the bottom of this posting.  Well done, Jay, and thanks!

Pollwatcher Credentials: If you weren’t able to join us last night but want to get pollwatching credentials, or if you’ve realized you need more than you took, you can get them from Jay, Rich, Steve (Steve Bosco, not me) or Bill.

Polling Places: Here is the DuPage County Election Commission’s list of polling places in Naperville Township.  Note that it tells you which ones are “Campaign-Free.”

  • In the context of a discussion last night of putting campaign signs outside of polling places the night before the election, it was mentioned that some polling places have got themselves designated as “Campaign-Free,” meaning they can insist on there being NO campaign signs on their property.  This is mostly churches, plus the Cress Creek Country Club.

Download (PPT, Unknown)