Post-Election Thoughts from NTDO Chair Dianne McGuire

dickdurbinHi everyone…well, not the outcomes, for the most part, for which we hoped, but, let’s consider what went well:
  • Senator Durbin will still be our champion in DC
  • Congressman Foster will continue his distinguished service on our behalf
  • We still proudly have Jesse White and Lisa Madigan serving the people of Illinois
  • State Rep Stephanie Kifowit fended off her challenger with a comfortable margin
  • State Senator Linda Holmes ran unopposed…a sleek 100% of the vote!
  • All 5 of the amendments (advisory or otherwise) passed…the minimum wage proposal receiving overwhelming supportFoster-Scientist
  • The race for State Treasurer is too close to call: Mike Frerichs could still take this race!
In addition to the above results, the NTDO can be very proud of its own accomplishments:
  • Generated greater candidate support earlier than ever before
  • Executed a GOTV effort that covered more precincts than ever before (PC’s who covered precincts other than their own for one or both of our candidates)
  • Held two fundraisers/meet’n’greet for statewide candidates (Frerichs, Durbin, Foster) along with Ed AgustinRod Blagojevich
  • Successfully slated Regina for County Board…a new experience for the NTDO
  • Collaborated with the statewide effort to reach out and motivate our “drop off” voters, as well as covering our strong and leaning Dems with a final call list
  • Supported two successful fundraisers for our candidates: Regina and Ed!
  • Contributed thousands of dollars to candidates whose districts included Naperville Township
  • Covered all 28 Naperville Township polling locations with trained poll watchers…first time we’ve had the ability to do this, thanks to the PC’s, as well as volunteers Carol Tritschler and Greg HubertSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Now, the hard part is, of course, accepting that even with all our hard work on behalf of our fantastic Democratic candidates, not all of them were able to enjoy a victory yesterday…
  • Ed was the only individual recruited/interviewed by the Madigan Team who was willing to run against the Wehrli Clan (24 first cousins who live in town!)….and he ran a disciplined campaign, focused on the issues.  He had a great campaign committee, including Marina Resnitskaya, who served as his treasurer, and a devoted group of volunteers who stepped up and helped Ed walk each of his 81 precincts, participated in all candidate forums/presentations, completed all appropriate candidate questionnaires that came his way, recorded radio commercials and robo calls, as well as a live interview with Channel 17, received several wonderful endorsements from influential Democratic office holders and organized labor.  Speaker Madigan funded a district wide mailer for Ed, further testimony to the faith in his candidacy.  The fact that he came up a little short is so disappointing!
  • ReginaBrentAnd, dear Regina, who was successfully slated in April…hit the road running!  She also had a great campaign committee, including Lisa Bosco, who served as treasurer, not an easy position to fill, and Carole Kerr, who served as her campaign manager.  Regina began attending County Board meetings and saw for herself the lack of diversity on the Board, as well as an indifference to the needs of the disadvantaged, a population not always visible, but surely present, in DuPage.  Regina, like Ed, had many endorsements from influential Democratic officeholders, many of whom she already knew on a personal basis!  Perhaps one of the most impressive actions of Regina’s was her delivery of hand written thank you notes to the folks who had signed her nominating petitions!  Greeting the early voters at the Naperville Municipal Center on a daily basis for the entire 2 weeks of early voting was also something that has never occurred here in Naperville Township.  The fact that she, also, came up a little short on election night added to our disappointment, that’s for sure.
  • Governor Quinn lost his bid for re-election, the ramifications of which will be moderated by veto-proof majorities in both houses of the General Assembly.
  • Sheila Simon lost her bid for Comptroller…such a loss for the State!
  • burnsPicDr. Shannon Burns lost her bid for a full term on the DuPage County Forest Preserve Board.  Shannon has distinguished herself in so many ways on that Board…absolutely shocking that she was not returned!
  • Mike Mason was unable to unseat Roskam…disappointing, but not surprising in such a Republican district
  • Laurie Nowak also lost her bid for the DuPage County Board…she served with enthusiasm and dedication…and will be missed!
  • Mike Quiroz, Bob Peickert, and Jean Kazmarek…all county wide candidates also suffered defeat….
There were other losses by Dems in the county, as well, but these individuals touched directly on our township.
chi-lisa-madigan-illinois-attorney-general-reelectionOnce we catch our breath and take a little break, perhaps….we will be ready once again for the consolidated elections next April…and the good news is we already have one of our own PC’s who has picked up a packet for the Naperville City Council: Steve Purduski, as well as other Democratic supporters who have indicated a desire to run.  And, then there are the aldermanic races in the Aurora half of our township and we also have one of our PC’s a declared candidate: Paul Madrik.  And, COD and our K-12 school districts will have races, too.  So, let’s get back on that bus and start the engines…there’s always tomorrow and another chance for victory!
Remember…the Holiday Party on the 10th of December at Mullens!  Free …a chance to recognize the outstanding contributions of many of you…and just for fun!
With appreciation….Dianne