Precinct Committeeman/woman Petitions Online

canvassPrecinct Committeemen/women (I would prefer the non-gender-specific “Precinct Captains,” but I guess there’s some official nomenclature…  Whatever):

If you weren’t able to pick up your petition and other goodies from Paul any time over the last month or so and need to find your PC petitions to get signed, the Election Commission has them online for us.  In fact, they even have one that you can download and key in your name and so forth and then print out to take door to door (they call that one “interactive”).

Here’s the link for those online petitions.  Have fun!

And thanks!

Here again are Paul’s and Dianne’s messages on circulating petitions:

Paul Mandrik

Oct 5 (7 days ago)

Hello everyone,

With the warm weather upon us, we have the perfect time to collect signatures for our petitions to be elected precinct committeemen. As future precinct committeemen, you will need to collect minimum 10 signatures from your precinct in order to be on the ballot. While doing this, you can collect signatures for County Board five Tony Michelassi and Congressman Bill Foster for the 11th district. If anybody is uncomfortable with walking door to door, I will be more than happy to walk with you. Please call me at 630-853-6543, so we can setup a time.

Dianne McGuire

Oct 5 (7 days ago)

Hi everyone…So pleased to see this email from Paul!  Thank you,Paul! I just collected my signatures last night and today..and carried sheets for Tony and Bill Foster, too!  I checked the voter list for my precinct (Paul gave some out at the last meeting…he has the complete set for all the precincts…if you do not have yours, call and the two of you can figure out how to get yours to you)…and it was fun to connect with my D’s…still want to finish that second petition…maybe do 3…Dan Walker will be at theOct. 29th meeting with his notary seal…would be a good time to get it all done…and we will take the paperwork to the election commission if you would prefer us to take care of that detail (or you can mail it in, of course).  There was a mention of a Statement of Economic Interests at the last meeting: the election commission has revised their Aug. 14th email…that statement is NOT required for PC’s!  It’s easy to print the PC petition from the DuPage County Election website: the interactive one lets you print in the top half before printing: looks pretty good!  So, thank you, Paul, for sending out this reminder…it is critical that we have as many PC’s on the ballot as possible: you will be getting info directly from the Commission, as opposed to getting it secondhand from Paul or me…and you will be able to help recruit the many new election judges we will need for the 2016 election  (with same day registration/voting in full operation)…it will be an exciting time to be involved, but it begins with placing your name on the ballot!  So, please try to make this happen in the next few weeks!  Thanks, everyone!