Rep Bill Foster: 5 Days

BillFosterI got this email from Congressman Bill Foster‘s office on Thursday of last week.  So now it’s more like 3 working days until the GOP shuts down the government over their hatred of the idea of extending health insurance to more Americans.  Sheesh!


5 days. The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives has left us with just 5 working days left until a government shutdown. In just 5 working days, without action, the government will cease to be funded.

We should never have gotten to this point. This kind of irresponsibility is unnecessary and appalling. Can you contribute $10, $25 or $50 by clicking here to send a message to the Republicans that we will not stand for this continued inaction?

Republican brinkmanship and unwillingness to compromise will result in real consequences for all American citizens:

  • Medicare and Social Security entitlement claims are likely to be delayed, resulting in senior citizens not receiving their benefits in a timely manner, or even being denied medical care by doctors afraid of not being reimbursed.
  • American troops and their families are not able to be paid while the government is shutdown, creating an unnecessary financial burden on those who keep this country safe.
  • Veterans filing new VA claims will not be able to do so during a government shutdown. By not funding the government, Republicans are denying veterans the benefits they have earned while making the sacrifice of defending our country.
  • Every day the government is shutdown will cost American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars due to lost revenue, fees and necessary back-pay.

Instead of working to solve the problems of this country, including passing a reasonable budget, Republicans are dead set on denying President Obama and Congressional Democrats perceived political victories, while American citizens pay the price.

And my Republican opponents are no different. They would simply serve as rubber stamps for the intransigent and extreme Republican agenda, having publicly stated their unwillingness to compromise under any circumstances.

This country deserves thoughtful public servants who are willing to compromise, not those who will contribute to the problem. A contribution of $10, $25 or $50 will ensure I have the financial resources necessary to return to Congress to continue to work for the best interests of this country.

Thank you for all that you do.


P.S. A contribution of $10, $25 or $50 will send a clear message that we deserve better than these continued games of political chicken.



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