Return of the Death Panels

…from the Bill Foster campaign just now:

Dear Steve,


During the healthcare debate, Congresswoman Judy Biggert was forced to apologize for circulating false and inflammatory “Death Panel” literature. 

This time, she is having her Super-PAC friends do the dirty work.

We just got word that Karl Rove style Super PACs have re-started their campaign to attack Bill with “Death Panel” TV ads that are deliberately and blatantly false, while covering up Congresswoman Biggert’s record.  Thanks to you it didn’t work the first time they tried these ugly attacks – and we need to make sure it doesn’t work this time.

These shadowy groups know that Congresswoman Biggert is one of their strongest allies and most reliable votes in Congress, and they will stop at nothing to keep her in office so they can continue to push their agenda.  We need to raise $15,000 for Bill’s rapid response fund by Friday.

Can you chip in $35, $50, $150 or whatever you can afford right now to help us respond?

The political world will be watching to see if our grassroots organization is prepared to stand up to their unlimited secret spending.  With your help I know that we can beat them back and stand up for what voters are looking for – someone who will put the interests of ordinary Americans ahead of Washington special interests.

We have come so far working together to build this grassroots campaign for Illinois families – but now we need your help more than ever to push back against Congresswoman Biggert’s special interest backers.Please help us build our rapid response fund right now.



Patrick Brown
Campaign Manager
Bill Foster for Congress (IL-11)


P.S. Your generous help has gotten our grassroots campaign off to a great start.  Will you help us push back against these Karl Rove style Super PACs by contributing $35, $50, $150 or whatever you can afford right now?