Ron Allen, Candidate for Naperville Township Trustee

The NTDO has offered candidates in the April 9 Municipal Elections an opportunity to address our readership.  Here’s a message from Ron Allen, candidate for Naperville Township Trustee:

Ron Allen

I am Ronald “Ron” Allen and I am a candidate for Naperville Township Trustee.

I have lived in Naperville for 8 years. I am married, father of three adult children, and six grandchildren.  While pursuing my undergraduate studies, I worked for the Chicago Public Library and  the U.S. Post Office. After graduating from college, I worked as a high school business education teacher before taking a position with the Allstate Insurance Company. My career with Allstate spanned 42 years working as a claims adjuster, senior account agent, and eventually an agency owner.  During my career I committed myself to community service and did volunteer work with several nonprofit organizations in various executive roles. I was elected Board Chairman of a large national industry association.

This April, the election offers an excellent opportunity for the residents of Naperville Township to make a strong statement that “Now is the Time for Change”. I am running for the office of Naperville Township Trustee because I am committed to providing our township with strong governmental leadership that will be progressive, responsive, and inclusive. The residents of Naperville Township deserve nothing less!

My goals will be to establish within our Naperville Township government the tenets of A.C.T. (Accountability, Communications, and Transparency). Good government should have a strong core built around these three elements, but presently our township government has been found lacking in these important areas. If our township is to successfully move forward in the 21 st century, we must address these inadequacies. We must implement an action plan that provides us with a strong foundation for offering quality township services today while positioning us for planned future growth.

I am uniquely well suited for the position of trustee because I served in executive positions which required me to perform duties similar to those required of a trustee; and I established a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations and commitment to quality service.

A vote for me will be a vote in support of:

  • The establishment of a new paradigm that will hold elected officials accountable for serving the best interests of all residents living within the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Aurora, Eola, Naperville, and Warrenville that fall within our township borders.
  • The beginning of a new era of open and bilateral communications between the taxpayer and their elected Trustees. We need greater communications that will at all times be fully transparent and provide a better understanding of township processes; and assure that township government operations will no longer be a mystery to the taxpayers.
  • The maximizing of our governmental resources by establishing new best practices that will increase efficiency and provide added value to our taxpayers.
  • The realigning of our current services to better meet the current needs of our taxpayers, and also provide reasonable preparation for their ever-evolving needs.
  • Greater focus and access to programs that support senior citizens, citizens with disabilities, and residents with general assistance needs.

I know and realize that the payment of your tax dollars to the township is the fulfillment of your obligation as a good citizen to support the collective needs of the total community. As your elected official, I promise that I will be diligent in the efficient use of your tax dollars, and protect you from tax increases resulting from waste and overspending.

To maintain a strong nation, we need to have strong communities. It is important that you make your voice heard on April 9th. I am asking for your vote and support to build a strong Naperville Township.

Ron Allen

2013 Candidate for Naperville Township Trustee