The Labor Day Parade

As always, thanks to NTDO Chair Dianne McGuire for this text. And thanks to Jeff Szymczak for the great photos.

It was simply a grand day for a parade! About 140 enthusiastic Democratic marchers joined together to celebrate Labor Day and we were absolutely delighted with the enthusiastic reception we received from the thousands of parade watchers on the sidelines.
Highlights of our entry included the following:
  • 100 bright blue helium balloonsheralded our presence in the parade
  • 50 homemade signs provided by DuPage Township highlighted theaccomplishments of the Obama administration and organized labor
  • Lifesize cut-out of the President, accompanied by “Hail to the Chief” on a continuous loop, provided by DuPage Township
  • Laborers of Local 288 and other union representatives walked with their union’s banner
  • Charlene Collins, from DuPage Township … armed with her megaphone … made sure everyone heard her as she shouted out one benefit after another from organized labor and the Obama administration
  • Joe Heneghan (former Lisle Township Chair) made sure the inflatable donkey stayed afloat and blasted out great labor themed music
  • Bill Foster’s campaign volunteers joined us with their candidate’s bright blue banner
Following the parade, everyone adjourned to the rooftop terrace of the Black Finn for refreshments and conversation. Leslie Coolidge, candidate for Congress in the 6th District, made brief remarks, as did three new Democratic candidates for  Naperville’s City CouncilBill Habel,Tiffany Stephens, and John Krummen.
[ NOTE: Lots more photos – and a few videos – here, courtesy of our friend Jeff Szymczak.  Thanks, Jeff! ]