The Pre-Primary Countdown


Stephanie Kifowit

The Candidate Extravaganza held at the February 25th NTDO meeting was a wonderfully inspirational and exceptional experience! We heard from the following ten candidates or their representatives:

  • Congressman Bill Foster (Ben Huntley)
  • Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth –US Senate, candidate (Kim Savage)
  • Amanda Howland -Congressional, 6th district, candidate (Nancy Sheperdson)
  • Corinne Pierog-State Senate – District 25, candidate-(Kim Savage)
  • State Senator Tom Cullerton– District 23
  • State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia, District 83, candidate (Linda Garrison-Carlton)
  • Greg Hose-State Rep 81, candidate
  • Regina Brent-DuPage County Board, District 5, candidate
  • Tony Michelassi – DuPage County Board, District 5, incumbent and candidate
  • State Rep Stephanie Kifowit, District 84, candidate

Tony Michelassi

Invited, but unable to attend: Napoleon Harris, US Senate candidate, Joe Heneghan, DuPage County Board candidate, District 4; Liz Chaplin, DuPage County Board candidate, District 2; State Rep Deb Conroy, District 46; Moon Khan, DuPage County Record of Deeds, write-in candidate.

Tom Cullerton

Tom Cullerton

Many of the candidates expressed alarm and concern regarding the undue influence of our billionaire governor and the money that will be spent during this upcoming election season to reduce or even eliminate Democratic majorities in the General Assembly. If we are to protect the middle class and “workplace democracy” or, as it is better known, collective bargaining, especially for our public employees, we need to be proactive and involved…NOW!

Regina Brent

Regina Brent

To that end, the NTDO amended its current budget to increase the line item for candidate support and will be donating funds earlier rather than later to Democratic candidates.

Following the short business meeting, small group discussions centered on GOTV efforts for the primary were led by the following individuals:

  • Steve Purduski…making the most of your walklist information
  • Regina Brent/Rose Johnson…strategies that work for knocking on doors
  • Dianne McGuire/Carole Kerr…making the most of phone calls to voters
  • Ed Agustin/Deanne Sereno/Duncan Hughes…how to educate voters regarding candidates and motivating them to vote.

Next Up: St. Pat’s parade on Saturday, March 12th in Naperville!! We need volunteers to march with the following candidates:

  • Bill Foster
  • Regina Brent
  • Tony Michelassi

We don’t have the parade line-up numbers yet, but they will be assembling on 5th avenue, just behind the NNHS football field/bus garage area. It’s a short parade route…but an important event for candidates. Please join us at 9 AM behind NNHS! More information will be forthcoming when we have the line-up # and perhaps info re: a post parade get-together!

Next month: March 31…De-Briefing of the Primary…let’s hear from one another what went right and what we could do better…and what happened! This will be a little like “show’n’tell”… always interesting to hear from one another.

[Thank you, Dianne, for another energetic and comprehensive write-up.  Steve]