Time To Vote: My Precinct Letter

Here’s the letter I’ve been including in the literature packets I give to folks when I knock doors in my precinct (I’ve removed most of the stuff that’s particular to my precinct and tried to make it more general, and added a few links).



I’m Steve Kierstead, Democratic Precinct Committeman for our precinct and your neighbor. You know where I’m at: every election season you see my yard at the corner of Jono and Valayna decorated with Democratic yard signs. It’s lit up like that right now.

I’ve been following politics for many years and I have to say that this has been the strangest and most frightening election I can remember.

First, Donald Trump must not become President. He is a menace to our democracy, threatening to jail his opponent and inviting “the Second Amendment people” to act against her, viciously attacking anyone who stands up to him, lying with abandon. He has spent the last year and a half conjuring up ugly hateful divisions along lines of race, ethnicity and religion. He is erratic and arrogant, tweeting his spite and insecurity out to the world at 3AM. The last few weeks’ revelations of his disdain for women are just the most recent chapter in a year-long proof of his unsuitability for the presidency. Now he is indulging in transparent conspiracy theories of a “rigged” election and encouraging his supporters to threaten voters with acts of violence and intimidation

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has spent a lifetime preparing to do the job, and do it well. She works hard, prepares diligently, listens carefully and never gives up. She has fought and will continue to fight for health care for all Americans, affordable education, children’s and women’s rights, an economy that works for all of us and many more important priorities. Even if her opponent were not the dreadful human being and explosive threat that he is, she would deserve your vote. She needs and deserves your support. Please vote on November 8 for a future we can be proud of.

Vote the whole ballot – both sides. Please don’t stop voting after the first race. You can vote to elect Tammy Duckworth to the Senate and Bill Foster to the House and give Hillary a Congress that will work with her to improve the lives of regular Americans. You can support Susana Mendoza, Stephanie Kifowit, Chris English, Michelle Gale and Moon Khan in their respective races. And you can vote for Tony Michelassi and Regina Brent, two very fine human beings and candidates for DuPage County Board.

Click through this link to look at a copy of the ballot you will get when you go vote. Feel free to print it, take notes and take the paper into the voting booth as a reminder if you like.

When and Where: Election day is Tuesday, November 8. Verify your polling place at this DuPage County Election Commission link.  The polls are open from 6AM until 7PM. It’s liable to be busy in this big presidential election year, so be sure to leave time. But know that as long as you are in line by 7PM, you should be allowed to vote.

We need and value your participation. Please find the time on Tuesday the 8th to come over to the school and make your voice heard.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m at work a lot, so the best way to reach me is probably by email: steve@napervilledemocrats.org.

Take care, and thank you,

Steve Kierstead
Naperville Township Democratic Organization