Top 10 Reasons Why We Are Democrats

Marina Reznitskaya and Ramin Mikaili recently spoke at our monthly NTDO meeting about immigrating to the United States and they ended their presentation with this Top 10 list of why they are democrats.  Enjoy!

1.The alternative is being a Republican

2.Human Rights = Women Rights = Gay Rights = Immigrants Rights = Workers Rights = Oppressed Rights = freedom

3.Fewer and shorter wars

4.Better music selection, never liked Ted Nugent!

5.Everybody should have a chance, worked for us!

6.Truth matters

7.Rich does not equal Good or even Success.  Our kids’ chorus teacher Ms. Boddy is more successful than Donald Trump

8.We got Obama

9.We will get Hillary

10.To hang out with Dianne McGuire (NTDO Chair)